Pizza Meetings

We used to meet every month or so over affordable Fellini’s pizza, the four of us. Then Tai moved away and we stopped meeting. But today we reunited for dinner. Same place. 

Tai is part Latinx and part black. Frances is black and from Mississippi. Quiana is part Japanese, part Latinx and part black. I’m Brazilian. It’s a fun mix. 

We spend a few moments in the beginning catching up and eating our slices, but once that’s over we dive into why we’re really here: for conversation about politics and the state of our society. 

Things the people sitting around us probably overheard:

“God sure loves telling women to give up their education and careers! Way to stick to the status quo, God!”

“He never seems to ask that from men, though.”

“Why is it ok to make fun of rednecks? That’s something I need to check myself on.”

“Frances is ahead of everyone when it comes to Twitter. Or podcasts. Or tv shows.”

“What if I run for office and get stuck in California?”

“You won’t get stuck. You’re not Marco Rubio and Florida.”

“He’s woke. But he’s like a NyQuil sort of woke. He’s a little drowsy.”

“I don’t feel like it’s my job to inform oppressive people that they’re oppressive.”

Let’s just say we were trying to make sure we adjusted our volume according to who was sitting around us.  

There’s just something about meeting up with people who respect what you say, who listen, and who generally agree with you. I left feeling like these are people who genuinely enjoy being around me, who are happy to see me arrive and sad to see me go (but glad to watch me leave 😁😉). And I want to make sure I surround myself with people like that more often. 

Here’s a picture of the lipgloss Quiana keeps in her purse. Is it a problem? You decide. 


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