I’m in Chicago!

And leaving today. 

I came to visit my friend Laura. We got to spend some time in the city—she writing her preliminary review for grad school, and me wandering around Grant Park. But, let’s be honest, I’m a fast walker. I don’t “wander.”

First of all, can we talk about the murals??

Laura is convinced the middle woman is Niki Minaj. 

We had Chicago pizza at Giordano’s. 

It was delicious. But, to be honest, I may need a month break from cheese+bread now. It’s definitely just a cheese pie lol

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday. 

It was pretty great. Laura’s favorite part was the genetics area and the baby chicks. I liked anything I could interact with. 

Before wandering the city, we had breakfast with my friend from middle school who just happened to be in Chicago. 

It’s weird because we meet up randomly like every 5 years. 

Downtown Chicago is beautiful! And overwhelming. 

I feel like I can handle Atlanta’s skyline. I can position myself in relation to it. But Chicago’s?? 😳 no. 

This was fun to walk through:

And Lake Michigan is like….serious

As I made my way back to Stan’s to meet with Laura, I realized I hadn’t seen the bean yet 

After a lemon pistachio donut and an hor-chair-ta, I made my way out again toward the bean. 

It was a total of four hours walking around. Needless to say, I was pooped. But I didn’t have my Fitbit so it was all for naught. 

I ended the day with dinner with my hosts.  

Oh, and there’s Laura and Shey’s cat, Candy Cane. She secretly loves me. Here she is leaning on my shoes this morning. 

True love. It was a great trip. And I’m so thankful for Laura. 9 years of friendship, 5 pets, 4 universities, 2 states, 1 marriage, and countless phone conversations. ❤️

Next time I’ll come for Kanye’s fireworks on Lake Michigan. 


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