22 Questions My Friends Would Ask You If You Tried to Date Me

I value what my friends think about any relationship I’m in. (AAAALLLLL the relationships. Because there so many, right? None. There are none. But let us imagine together.) Any crush I have is thoroughly investigated. I want them to like him! My ex boyfriend was like a separate thing from my friends and that was horrible.

So here are 22 questions they’d ask him if he were over for a dinner party or something:

1) Do black lives matter? (Correct answer: Yes. Yes, they do.)

2) Are you a feminist? Like, if you had a bra, would you feel an urge to burn it?

3) Would you go to a gay wedding? (Correct answer: Yes. Yes I would.)

4) Are you pro-refugees?

5) What are your thoughts on immigration?

6) Team Taylor Swift? Or Kimye?

7) Do you like this food? [serves him weird Brazilian food we never eat]

8) Tell me about your relationship with Jesus.

9) Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

10) Which Hogwarts house did you get officially get sorted into by Pottermore?

11) What’s your MBTI?

12) Do you participate in local elections? If not, how long have you been anti-democracy?

13) Do you jump over obstacles when you trying to walk from point A to point B? Or do you walk around them?

14) What would you wear to a Harry Potter party?

15) Who would you cheer for in the World Cup?

16) What is the Line of Demarcation?

17) What language does Brazil speak?

18) What are your thoughts on Ronald Reagan? Are you pro- CIA coups in other countries?

19) Would a yearly trip to New Orleans for the rest of your life be the best thing ever?

20) Do you like big butts? And can you lie?

21) What is more important: being kind or being funny?

22) When was the last time you spoke with your mom?

These would all be brought up extremely casually in normal conversation, of course.

Also: I started an argument with my stepdad the moment I met him. Was it about religion? Politics? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just wanted to know how he would behave in an argument. So all arguments are on the table.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.03.53 AM


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