Getting Political

Let’s talk politics. Why? Because we have to. I have to.

I read an article once that a brown Canadian woman wrote after the Paris terrorist attack and she talked about her body being political. There was no way she could avoid it: being brown, being a minority, being a woman—she was political.

Especially since white people are considered the norm in the country, when an immigrant like me has an opinion, it’s “the immigrant opinion” or “the female perspective” or something else that makes it sound less-than or like an other’s opinion.

So when people say they would rather not get political, I can’t really say I have that option. My life is political. My immigration here. My stay here. My going to school here. My writing here. My language here. My family.

I’m constantly being talked about by politicians. I’m a problem people are trying to solve. I am part of a number to be sent home. To be helped. To be incarcerated.

The Republican Convention last week was scary. And the Democrats start theirs today with already a lot of drama. But I wanna make sure you guys are ready: I’m gonna get political. I have no other option.


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